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The rocker arm bearing assembly has a rocker arm which oscillates on a bearing support member and an associated pair of bearings. The bearings are self-contained units with an outer race, an inner race, and multiple rollers positioned between the two races. Full-complement radial bearings are preferably utilized. The bearings are supported on the bearing support member to form an integral unit which can be dropped into the rocker arm. This allows for speedy assembly of the rocker arm with the bearing and support member unit.

A rocker arm bearing assembly comprising: an immovable support stud; a bearing support member immovably affixed to said stud, said member being configured so as to support and retain two coaxial bearings.

DFB has advanced production technologies, automatic production facility and test equipment. DFB can design various rocker arm bearings to meet user’s requirements.

ITEM Part Number Boundary Dimensions(mm) Weight(g)
Bearing Shaft
d D B B1 D1
1 FLB8.8C 8.8 20 6 14.5 8.8 17.74
2 FLB8.8H 8.8 20 12 23.5 8.8 32.94
3 FLB8.8M 8.8 22 10 22 8.8 33.72
4 FLB8.8N 8.8 20 6.5 15 8.8 16.47
5 FLB8.8K 8.8 20 6 14.5 8.8 15.54


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